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SMACK lays down the Law on the TWORK incident. Rules have changed. Short clip.


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  1. I think everybody can agree that what smack said was a reach like he really didn't have to tell us that… yall book him battles i mean they act like people wanted to see twork after the geechi battle. Other than that you gotta let the new ones rock out because thats what we wanna see. In my opinion if Ace and Fonz wouldn't of choked it would of been a classic

  2. Umm. This is the natural trajectory of our culture, quite honestly. We LOVE hearing about "hustlers" shorting customers (which is our community) by an oz or a gram of coke or crack in their raps. Why are we surprised when battle rappers hustle the consumers now by shorting us by a round and a half? It sounds like WE need to make up our minds about the culture that we continue to propagate and support. Twork embodies the hypocrisy of our culture.

  3. Finally Smack so what happan Caffeine pressed u on that shit now u wanna act brand new your fans been telling u this why we always quick to listen to the white man now its all a sudden a problem.

  4. Smack has a point tho but he say that then turn around and let someone else do the same shit. He have it in contract of paying them half up front and the rest when the job is done and if you fuck up you only get a % of what was owed on original completion.

  5. Smack you been getting clowned. If this is a job to them.. then take a cut if they choke.. or a dont give the bag if the short rounds. Simple. Everybody will come prepared real quick.

  6. He right tho. Yall battlers cant keep not showing up when people are paying to see yall not only that paying for promotion and venues and all that. Twork got that reality check

  7. It just wasn't twork who choked that day ru bando,ace,fonz,and twork choked and they had a fourth battle that no one saw that was full of chokes so it just not twork


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