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SMACK ON MOOK VS BRIZZ "I'MA DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN" "WE ON CORPORATE TIME NOW" Smack after his Ultimate Madness Face Offs!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between …


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Comment (18)

  1. (JC vs conceited) (JC vs lux) (JC Mook) (JC vs moon) (JC vs bill collector) (JC daylyt vs bdot lux) JRUM Citty or Citty JRUMN drum city or city drumming team name blend JC RUM nitty (JRUM Citty vs guntitles) (JRUM Citty vs lux Mook) (JRUM Citty vs chilla b magic) (JRUM Citty vs monstars suge twork) (Citty JRUMN vs A ward saga) or loso

  2. Ave vs Danny
    Ace Amin vs Jakk boy
    Saga vs Loso
    Twork vs Chess no choke
    Jaz vs Ms Fit or myverse
    Swamp vs ttop
    Award vs Pat Stay
    Math vs Diz
    40 cal vs Cassidy

  3. Aside from the lil altercation
    Mook vs brizz makes sense in what world??
    brizz don’t deserve mook , and Mook knows this a easy W for em so he with it

  4. If rbe and url pulled together and made a rbe vs url where each side pick 5 or 10 out of all the battlers to represent they side like a allstar game weekend event that would be crazy every year


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