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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. The events are empty, yet post battle interviews are done outside. Wind blowing in the mics, cars and planes disrupting things. Battle rappers choking that are considered top tier vets. Imagine Dana White doing a post-fight interview with cars and crappie environment energy. They bought your ass for this event!

  2. People are either wired or dumb. It's like y'all wanted Smack to stay with the camera on the street corner and stay selling DVDs. No ticket sales at events, most of us not getting the App. I say be strategic and find business partners.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if caffeine gets the blueprint to url and try to move them out the way. My thought go further, but I would hope Smack wouldn’t go out like Willie lump lump.

  4. So basically they pulled the typical underground rapper turning mainstream. Once I get on I'm gonna cut ties with my day peeps and fanbase that actually got me there.

    Bigger question is Smack gonna break his word by paying Surf for that half ass performance…

  5. Nome X was the night of the Thirties or Card of the Thirties. Every Battle was a Thirty some Gentleman thirties, some clear.
    1. Fonz vs Jey, Gentleman's(Slept on Fonz material was Crazy)
    2. Mike P vs Saga, Clear but you can argue Gentleman's(Could've argued 2-1 if Saga would've gotten that 3rd of clear)
    3. Geechi Gotti vs Averb, Gentleman's
    4. Tay Roc vs Daylyte, Gentleman's (Only because Roc was nice, it really was Clear)
    5. Tsu Surf vs Loaded Lux, Clear. (Surf could've won if he didn't Choke all 3 and it might've been a better Battle if they would've let Lux get off all his material. More replay value)

  6. Avo & Black Media way Betta…Smack keep it gully…don't lose that raw feel…the backdrop and production didn't have that battle rap feel… remember why we are here and how we got here is because of the authentic battle rap feel…we don't feel that mainstream production. Soon BR won't be able to address certain issues and censured…Stand your ground Smack…


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