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Smack Threatens Battle Rappers Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. Lmao Smack aint doing nothing.
    Twork beat up a Staff Member, Chokes Every Battle, And Recycles. He Broke every Rule Already in a year and He Still getting Booked

  2. Yo battle truth. Let me tell u something. Lebron don’t score 30 every night. So for u to expect these battle rappers to be on they A game every time is asking for to much. Just like every blog from u don’t hit every time.

  3. Imma keep it real.. I don’t like Battle Truth.. but when he get to roasting cats… I fux with him on 190%!!! Lolololol Battle truth the best roaster in the business!! Real sh$t!! Lol. Yooo, my man surf, you owe shine a fade!!! Hahahahah

  4. I believe him this time cuz now they messing with corporate money.. with white money.. smaaaack ain't having that.. too much to lose.. at first smack was getting hood money..with big corporations getting involved, it might no longer even be up to smack.. THEY might make him have to do something about it

  5. Difference between now and then is that smack is no longer at the top of the food chain..he now has people that are above him that he has to answer he has to address these issues differently than before or the people above him are going to put pressure on him and that could jeopardize what I'm thinking is a very lucrative deal since they are still paying battlers top dollar, doing 25k tournaments, paying more battlers and giving it away for free


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