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SMACK WARNS BATTLERS ABOUT ALMOST FIGHTING ON HIS STAGE AFTER ACE AMIN VS FONZ BATTLE "IT'S CORNY" Smack after his Ultimate Madness Face Offs!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between …


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Comment (29)

  1. Ace big swole ass always bumping people. But when someone even think about touching him, he gonna go b
    Hulk Hogan. It's battle rap, get in each other grill, but don't touch if you dont wanna be touched.

  2. “But a N*gga want to be a N*gga.” Smh because all that nonsense only takes the attention off of all that WE (the culture/Individuals involved) worked for. Hopefully Smack is serious this time

  3. Jjdd pulled up on the scene looking for ace. Ace pulled off and came back like 20 mins later (I assume he went to get a hammer) when he came back Jjdd was already gone. Then they had to go inside to get ready for the battle. Ask fonz.

  4. Battle rappers allow verbal disrespect…. its a hidden contract. While u getting disrespected by ur opponent killing ur kids and mom. Fuck getting mad. Pick a flaw in his rhyme to rebuttal. Fuck buiding an attitude to fight. U etting irself up for failure. Money is on the line. All over

  5. If that's his idea of everything going as plan, URL doors will be closing soon.
    I stopped watching URL events because of all the extras that go on.


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