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  1. Facts, im tired of this shit. I take time out , set time aside on my Saturday’s just for niccas to be unprepared, This been going on for years , Surf Clips been coming with only 2 rounds, Twork aint the first

  2. It's a shame man, NuBorn was nice back then and he still is. He choked once or twice and was GONE from URL. Without a trace, now we got the NuJerseyChoke syndicate. Crazy.

    What a lot of battle rappers fail to realize is as much as they want to be great they have to accept criticism like greats too. We didn't just love MJ because of his skills but because of his dedication to the game. A lot of battlers don't dedicate themselves to their craft enough.

  3. Umm. This is the natural trajectory of our culture, quite honestly. We LOVE hearing about "hustlers" shorting customers (which is our community) by an oz or a gram of coke or crack in their raps. Why are we surprised when battle rappers hustle the consumers now by shorting us by a round and a half? It sounds like WE need to make up our minds about the culture that we continue to propagate and support. Twork embodies the hypocrisy of our culture.

  4. I won’t hold my breath cause I’m sure if Surf Jerseys in his 3rd he’ll let it rock or Twork next battle he chokes he’ll let it slide. I feel any top tier chokes Smack will let it slide but if they’re a rookie he’ll have a problem.

  5. At one point kno one could be a rapper. Now anyone can be a rapper. Battle rap is becoming the same now. Smack need to make examples out these battlers

  6. @CAP ur blogging is really on point these days…but my G, why Ahdi gotta go be a truck driver? U also said niccaz can go back to the streets 2 sell drugs etc but why not say go back 2 school n be GREAT at somethin else?? Is all I'm saying let's raise the bar 4 our fellow brothaz if BLM is real

  7. Angryfan he is the GOAT in a sense. GOAT of bullshitting. He got big headed wayyyy b4 he actually hit his pinnacle. All these top tiers act like our money ain't shit when w/o the fans none of this ish exists no matter what they say. Selling tickets mean nothing when the battles are subpar.

  8. I stopped watchin battle rap soon as I peeped the circus. And I been here since smack DVD. I just watch u and psa hiphop to see what's goin on. Battle rap shit turned wack.

  9. Twork thru the battle, its the new thing (or maybe old thing) to do on url, especially when they want to elevate a new rapper without the established rapper taking an Loss

  10. Took the words right out of my mouth.. straight Circus.. I been a true fan from Day 1.. Way back in the day.. all this choking has made me take breaks from watching Battle rap.. I Love the Sport but Niggas is Fucking it up… just a lot of talk now


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