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Spanish Omlette/simple egg recipe/Healthy breakfast/easy recipe

welcome to” Anu’s fusion kitchen Anu’s samyojan pakshaala”

Spanish omlette or the Tortilla de Patata as they locally call it is a simple egg dish , wherein egg omlette is stuffed with boiled mashed potatoes, onions, masalas , mint leaves and above all loads of cheese.Unlike other spanish recipes like paella and gazpacho which have local variants, this dish is made with the same recipe through out spain and in almost every spanish speaking communities.

The omlette gives you a feeling of eating a pizza due to its rich stuffing , it can be a hit with kids during breakfast or as evening stack, it is quite nutritious and tasty and can be made very easily without much time consumption.

The ingridients required are:-

4.corriander leaves leaves

In this video Team Anu’s is trying it introduce this recipe which finds its origin to as back as the 16th centuary , when this flat egg tortilla was consumed in european spain as well as the latin American colonies of spain with the same gusto.
We have slightly modified the spices used traditionally to hit the taste buds of Indians, though keeping the authenticity of the dish intact.
Be compassionate enough to watch our video and do try this dish in your kitchens.
Always reach us with your comments as we are in a constant process of improvement and so each comment and suggestion is as valuable as it should be.

Thanks for watching our videos and supporting us.


With love and respect

Team Anu’s


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