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Spawn vs Dracula Recap The Battle 4 Transylvania Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. I don't know why people acting like he beat Roc.. He didn't. Daylyt did amazing in keeping it close, but Roc Spazzed on him… Some of y'all just never seen Daylyt be serious in a Battle…I have. As a matter of fact he's serious in every Battle even with antics. It's just been awhile since it was this big of a Battle. The magnitude blinded Rocs bars for you guys, not me.. Roc won. Wait for the replay… I'll wait

  2. Told you Roc was gone lose. I thought you was gone come on here and stand on your prediction that Roc won no matter what. Thought you was gone downplay Daylyt at all cost thats what I get for thinking my bad.


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