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Start Your Day With God | Ask God's Blessing & Change Your Day

How do you start your day? In my experience if you do not start your day with God… my day just does not go well. In this video we give you some advice how to …


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Comment (28)

  1. Please pray for my mother, she has been very sick lately and I am worried about her health a lot. I believe in the power of God and prayer and I know your prayer will be heard.

  2. No+ Every hour of the day I thank God for allowing me to hear his words I thank God for allowing me see another day plus I ask God to lead me in his path of his way to go plus I ask my "Father in Heaven" to forgive me of my sins whatever they may be, and to show "Grace and Mercy" upon on my (life) and my family w protection as they travel on there journey cover them with his armour, these are the things I ask of God and in reference too bless those that can not call out to him for prayers.

  3. Thankyou for your video I Love you brother & sister. God Bless you.Amen. Thankyou father God I claim believe recieve for this prayer is answered and give you all the honor Glory praise in Jesus mighty name we pray Thankyou Amen

  4. Tysm for helping me to say the things I always wanted to say to our Loving God having the right words to articulate is so profound ty,oh which one of your videos has only praises to Him ?


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