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STOP Letting Your MIND TRICK You! | Joe Rogan | #Entspresso

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  1. The ego is always something we need to keep in check and Joe Rogan, got this spot on, you need to keep doing the work, keep striving to be better. Yes enjoy the moment but never be complacent, that’s when you lose. Also always love Evans take on this about being your biggest critic and your biggest fan! Makes total sense, the pillow test is also a good way to re-assess at the end of the day. So far up just after 5am, did some press ups, mediated, cold shower, couple of pieces of content, watched this video for inspiration and reflection. I would say that’s pretty productive and not a bad start to the day. Let’s keep the momentum going! Thanks Evan, V and the team for this awesome content as always! #Believe #BTA594 #inspirationnation #IN

  2. Nice video.

    Strike the balance ..

    Know when to push yourself and when to acknowledge your efforts.

    Come on what's the story with the sleeve ?

  3. My parents were both narcissist. I wasn't able to develop like a normal person. My feels were never validated. Nothing was ever good enough for my parents. I developed a harsh critic. So I still battle with nothing is good enough. Doesn't matter how good I do. I can't take a complaint. I have been brutal on myself. I also am devastated by negative criticism. It eats me up. I know it was due to how I was raised. It even caused me to harshly judge others and I fight narcissist tendencies. So I don't have a lot of friends. But now I am aware and can work on it. It is ok to be happy. I don't have to be miserable. Overachievers that have this problem do not solve it by overachieving. I was told you have to parent yourself or look for mentors that will help you grow positivity in your life.

  4. I Challenge Evan Carmichael to take a ONE Year Fast From Expresso. Show us that your will for your health is greater than your Favorite Drink!


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