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I hope you enjoyed this series! In many ways this storytime was like my healing. I am finally over all this and I have grown so much and learnt so much. Wishing …


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  1. I am not friends with Queen anymore but definitely healed past things with Princess. Thanks for following this journey you guys! More stories to come!!

  2. Yo!! The exact same thing happened to me with a childhood friend who i met again in uni. She actually called my pastor parents to tell them i spend my time hanging around the boys hostel(which didnt even exist) and drinking, smoking…a lie. To this day, i dont know what i did to this babe. Someone who i didnt even hang out with. The gag is, she got pregnant by her married youth pastor in our third year. I graduated with my legs and my grades intact.Give it time sis. Karma will always deal with them.

  3. Wow Wow Wow, They shouldn't have involved your family, That was super wrong, I'm glad you got over them. Don't get over comfortable with princess, she cant be trusted. wishing you all the best.

  4. I also had a friend like queen, very evil person. I cut her off but that was after I told her a mess she is and advised her to stop the behaviour and change. Ofcourse, she was being all evil during the encounter. But thank God I totally cut her off.

  5. Your friends were some demons that's why I don't keep friends and I don't tell anyone my business I keep it to myself or talk to God about it… But I'm happy u let them go we already hv to deal with life u don't need toxic friendship to deal with…❤️ Love your storytimes by the way

  6. Wow. This is some deep enmity shit! Gosh! I once had a toxic friend too and I can so relate to an extent. But what the Queen girl did…..calling an African family…Nigeria to be precise! That’s just tooooo extreme! I’m happy you’ve healed from such traumatic experience. Congratulations dear

  7. I really wish you thought those bitches a lesson. Evil people, glad you’ve moved past that. It’s not easy being a person tha t wears her heart on her sleeves in this world that we live in.


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