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Styles P Appreciation Show-PSAhiphop

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  1. SP has been one of my favorites for a very long time. You are very correct that he can write a song with anyone at anytime and he will seamlessly complement any emcee on each song.

  2. Styles P gotta get more respect. He has great songs that show depth and emotion like My Brother, Leave a Message, but he still has the hardest lyrics. Green Piece of Paper was dope too.

  3. I think Styles gets slept in cuz he's been here consistent all dese yrs jus take him 4 granted but Styles def most versatile n 2 many favs to list Vinny Theme, Giv n Take,Im Black, Styles n Talib album, Styles n Dave East album beloved Pinero catalog is nasty

  4. Dope content.. I always felt his rap was my altered ego… P killed them for years with the same flow advance his own flow thru the years.. Always my fav of the Lox

  5. Yea Styles was on BMF but his verse was 4gotten neva got played n many people don't even no or 4get he is on da song. I luv Styles but let's keep it a buck lol wen Ross is performing dat wen he 70 I don't think it will be mandatory Styles is dere 2 do his verse lol

  6. Styles in my top 10 favourite rappers definetly the most versatile in the lox. I think people generally always give kiss the nod because his charisma and voice/delivery might be more appealing for most. Personally I always thought P was the nicest lyrically though

  7. styles p My favorite is holiday on Ruff riders be vol 2 I used to play that on repeat all the time my favorite album gangster and a gentleman my brother song is about his brother passing away styles p it's always been my favorite out of the group I'm a fan of lox I like all of them

  8. Y’all talked about Blam Blam Blam like it’s the greatest collab song ever. Then, y’all say every collab has to meet its standards which is weird. It’s not better than Eastern Conference All Stars or By Any Means.


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