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Sugar RUINS SKIN: wrinkles, aging, acne, sagging| Dr Dray

Sugar causes skin problems, like wrinkles, aging, sagging skin, and acne. Get a FREE gift with your first purchase valued at more than $20!


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  1. Hi, I enjoy your videos, very informative. I am a plant based, 90% raw eater so always looking for an easy way to get extra greens. Was very excited to follow up on the Athletic greens. Dissapointed it has stevia in it, besides not liking the taste, stevia elevates your blood sugar levels. If you have type 1 diabetes you cannot have stevia. Keep the videos coming.

  2. The greens are expensive but I had a chat with a really nice lady named Kristel and she said I could modify my subscription to get it every two months and still get the subscription price! I really want to try the greens.

  3. I don't need this kind of negativity.

    And quit making me buy stuff. The Mrs. has threatened to make me sleep in the shed if my rationale for buying something else is, 'but Dr. Dray said…'

  4. Liver, cod liver oil, fatty fish and eggs have high amounts of vitamin a amongst other minerals and vitamins that are great for skin health especially anti-aging. Figured she wouldn’t mention that since she’s vegan.

  5. Good point but what would life be like without a great suntan and an ice cream sundae.
    You don't get those extra years in your 20s you get them in a nursing home in diapers ..
    Moderation moderation moderation
    Be well,

  6. This is it. I have known for years that sugar, dairy affects my skin more than AHA’s BHA’s, fragrance but I probably just needed to hear it from a professional. Maybe I will have the discipline to cut it out and see what happens to my skin

  7. I have a terrible sweet tooth, I manage to keep them at bay with fruits and teas BUT I love to bake, I'm a baker and most of the time I give away my baked good. This video is perfect timing cause I'm going thru an acne flare up and I know the culprit, the 7 cookies I ate 4 nights ago </3 so sad


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