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  1. Lets be honest, Anwar and Reda gave horrible takes here about this battle. Why are they discussing Surf jacket and John John vest? Anwar said “for every Jakk chain, there is a Press 9” and proceeded to give NO other moments. John John has been more consistent than Surf and has had more moments in recent memory. At some point, battle rap media has to stop being in awe of Surf name and brand and call it what it is. Talkin bout his jacket is as absurd of a point I’ve ever heard

  2. And just for context, Paranormal Activities, Flip em over the divider, last thing he saw was his brother go, Ch Ch CHURCH are all moments that could’ve been mentioned for Surf but JJDD has CLOSE RANGE vs Hitman, Sprained a ankle vs Wavy, From go get it to I got it vs Ace Amin. Lets talk actually BATTLE RAP and not fashion comparisons

  3. Geechi 30, i think he can't wait to battle someone like Cal, then will prove why he's the face now.
    EZ 2-1 (but Chess has a waaaay better pen, I just think EZ gonna do something different)
    JJDD 2-1
    Hollow & Shine … 30 either way. Really depends on the night, they can both 30 eachother.
    Ars 2-1 (off experience, i don't see Lu doing what Sikh did)
    RNB 30, MVP dead. They gon' love Real Name in the building more than everyone else from UM…

    BUT REED VS MOOK? DAYYUMN I DON'T KNOW. Depends on who's the better man that night, which applies to all of these fire matchups

  4. This is da problem wit ppl in general. Its dat sheep mentality. If u compare material/overall careers, john john is objectively above surf as a battle rapper. Its not even close.


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