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Swamp after the Twork battle “I just want my respect”

We caught up with Swamp after the battle and gave him his flowers.


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  1. Swamp is dooope man fr frrr. What yall think about him vs Ttop tho?? Honestly asking lol. Cus i think Top always spoil the party. He kinda dangerous. I think i like Swamp vs Roc first.

  2. I ain't gone lie, I was gonna say twork 2-1 just for the aggression and since we waited an extra week, I thought he was going to come with that fire. And if he would have beaten you, he would be all on the net big cappin. But he lost and he quiet as a MF church mouse. Much respect swamp, keep grinding.

  3. Swamp is trending, look at your views before and look at THIS!!!!!!! But you want say that! "Thanks to Swamp for interviewing with me to help my channel cuz he didnt have to do it cuz i was saying he couldnt hang with Twork" See those kind of statements are reserved for your friends and Top Tiers u cool with…… Swamp is the ENERGY right now. But yall wont say it! Every primetime ppl are going crazy over Swamp..Jay Blac did a poll on rather Swamp would beat Ttop and Roc and Swamp won both, but yall wont out right say that and promote that….. Knowledge got over a thousand dislikes cuz he tried to say Swamp didt win… Promote those things

  4. they gotta rematch for the culture culture but not til 2021 end of the year when twork prove he can go from now til then without chokin and the only way to do that is to own up to and quit hidin his flaws


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