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  1. I like URL , but lets keep it a buck , SMACK is worse than the white man when it comes to the south or anybody not from NY . i want Swamp to get better looks but the only way that will happen is if someone calls Smack out on his bullshit .

  2. We need Hip Hop media to put pressure on the URL to release battles on the app! Crazy how caffeine get more love than the app gang. App gang need release dates as well. Crazy how long it take for them to drop a battle.

  3. Y’all ain’t do Lux like that me personally I think any and everybody who choke need to get slack what about surf what about rum nitty and plenty more I just think y’all should go in on him like that and say more positive stuff or reach out and help him ijs grown man shit cause I fuck with your Chanel but twork was wrong and swamp still wrong to for how he was talking

  4. Geechi is a prime example of hard work prevailing: His work ethic is miles ahead of Twork’s. This is why Geechi is top tier and Twork been on a downslide ever since they battle

  5. This is off topic and if you don't respond im @ you on Twitter again lmao but how you feel see Danny vs ek and if he win he battles mike p again its like seeing the same battles

  6. Wassup Vada&Shotimesp notification gang rice gang.. got the notification while at work continue to bring us recaps blogs I saw the casket meme this morning well Twork dserved what he got kept calling him out not to mention you no showed twice on him and got 30'd.. speech talk to him Vada


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