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SWAMP ON NUJERZEY TWORK BATTLE NOT GOING DOWN & RESCHEDULED ULTIMATE MADNESS ONE OFFS Swamp after his Ultimate Madness One Offs URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between Ultimate …


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  1. What happens if Twork comes with 3 of the best rounds that he spit in a while? Do we praise him or do we side eye him because he was given so much time and was able to duck and no show until he was ready? Mean while Swamp been ready and is lowkey probably not as amped as he was the first go around. Doesn't seem fair but ima be on the app watching like the rest. Its so much on the line in this battle. Both have something to lose.

  2. I love how ninjaz love to jump on the new wave. Swamp cool but he be having mad dry spots that's the truth.
    I know he not the best in South Carolina there waaaaay nicer mcs

  3. Twork really fuckin bogus bruh. I been waiting for this battle for a while. I’d rather smack just give swamp another big plate at this point.. shit ridiculous. They better not put twork on nome after this

  4. Its hard to mentally prepare for a battle and your opps don't show up. Shit is infuriating. Alll that built up energy wasted. Makes u not wanting to even go forward with it.

  5. The one thing that may hinder Swamp? Stage presence, vocal projection, and performance when it comes to battling certain names.. like NJT, and Tay Roc; they have a way to steal away the audience due to their high powered performance.

    Swamp is dope af, but bruh better start practicing on commanding the stage to the fullest.

  6. Twork duck'd Swamp…. Twice!!
    NJT cracked alot of jokes & talked alot of shit on Swamp… just to no show. Safe to say Twork SCARED & UNPREPARED. Twork-fans… This is your king °¿°


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