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SWAMP RECAPS HIS BATTLE VS NUJERZEY TWORK AS SWAMPTOWN CELEBRATES (T-TOP MEGA CLASH UP NEXT) Swamp after his Ultimate Madness battle vs Nujerzey Twork!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals THE …


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Comment (31)

  1. Nu Jerz did this before DNA told em he wasn't ready and that he would choke , … Swamp just be Swamp you don't need a VET just be you…Stay away from JonJon tho no matter what happens don't battle JonJon until you're richer than GOODz

  2. First of all, Swamp is still ass. He wasn't dope at all in that battle and Twork needs a better preparation technique. He supposedly won against an unprepared Twork and Top gon cook him.

  3. When Mike Tyson came in the ring unprepared or without the motivation he lost..Twork is great but he not giving his all. As a Jersey nigga I'm beyond disappointed ..big up swamp

  4. I remember when Surf was talking about doing a hell house tournament, he said that he didn't know who Swamp was. Now he look like a fan…lol


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