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  1. S/o Swap I been watching tha homie for min. He just battled Url's Top dawg and possibly 30'd Twork and humble asf. He got now can't wait to see him battle Top and Rum Nitty

  2. I like swamp style.. it is very deliberate, direct, catered and crafted for the opponent standing in front of him.. he's not trying to throw 100 punches or be super explosive.. his bars hit hard right on time when they suppose to.. he be talking to these niggaz soul.. it don't even rhyme some times but Cal said if it's real it ain't gotta rhyme.. that's why I think he WILL beat Roc as good as Roc is, there is just waaay too much stain on his name and with a battler with Swamp style, that's a dangerous place to be in for Roc..I do think t top will beat him though because t top is a master angler.. top will take an angle in 1 round and make you feel like he won the entire battle and that's hard to do.. but as long as he can hang with top, make it debatable, he guaranteed stamp.. look at how 1st rookie vs vet turned out.. damn near all the rookies loss and look how the careers of some of those guys turned out.. brizz and top and saga to name a couple

  3. Twork thru the battle, its the new thing (or maybe old thing) to do on url, especially when they want to elevate a new rapper without the established rapper taking an Loss

  4. This is what’s wrong with some battle rap fans. They would rather say Twork beat himself than to admit he got smoked..this is not the first time Twork lost, let’s stop the bulshit and hate. Tworks second round was mostly gas, cut it out

  5. He will not beat Tay roc… Just cuz he beat twerk day shit don't mean nothing twerk and roc in two different categories roc shitting on twerk come on now and swamp

  6. I'm glad swamp won. Tired of twork thinking he can choke and no show and not get prepared and still get bags. Fuck outta here with that shit. But swamp. Your shit got to be extra strong for t top. Shit gon be hard bro.


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