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  1. Swamp Not that nice to me. I need to see him against Jerry Wess or Chess or Lu Castro or somebody that’s gone fight back. He gone Die vs T top he ain’t ready

  2. Swamp beat twerk (fuck the excuses) he's over ready 4 t top cause t top to me hasent been that dude since he 1st became that dude other then the 2on2 with brizz so let's not act like a dude who steps n the ring with njt and not only hold his own but win (not debatable) and showed no fear when all 3 of them hating on him showed up like a man to all his biz engagements b4 the twerk battle including the one where twerk said he trash and had no chance and so far has been a stand up dude so let's get t top of here 4 the nawf vs the south Carolina battle then we can see him go head up with gay roc and let's see if he can body the 4headed monster like he saying he will oh and 4 the record top was always been top 5 for me until he turned his back on the south to be the young buck of nwx minus the loyalty to the south so dont say I dont fuck with top cause I fuck with his music still on the few battle rap dudes who make nit jus good but underrated music with that being said tho ima fan of battle rap over any top 5 and this needs to happen fuc the excuses leeeee get it…


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