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SWAMP tells TSU SURF to stop playing with UNCLE RAH


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  1. I Fux wit Swamp 100% and he’s right on John John, JJ is gonna Dirty 30 Tsu, Tsu is lazy now and be disrespectful by not even having 3rd’s anymore!! That’s that BS he’s on and then play the “He didn’t care shhh” CMonSon, get back to that Subtitle basement Tsu and bring that hunger BACK!!!

  2. Surf will battle once a year & get 75k for it & supplement the other battle he woulda took by Commentating…getting the same money & battling less

    I still remember Tsunami got bars & JJDD needs good enough angles that he can exploit so I’m actually going 2-1 or clear 30 for Tsu & I’m actually Danny Myers #1 fan so I don’t even take a liking to Tsu lol


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