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T-TOP ON CAFFEINE URL 113 MILLION DEAL??? T-Top in New York URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF HHIR Knowledge …


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  1. i think the point just got missed on th3 saga'z 3rd round , he choked the first two rounds but it was because of what he had 2 say in his 3rd . just the image of him standing there in a rage about police brutality in front of his arresting "overseer".as a person who has been a victim or this system for 35 yrs of my life I was in tears . SMACK Please don't punish th3 saga 4 the pressure .

  2. Url didn't get a 113 million dollar deal with caffeine ! Caffeine raised 113 million you niggas don't know business lol. Y'all trying to make a strike 3.5 eh
    Most of that money is going to be used to improve their servers , improve production and quality of streams. It's the same thing mixer deal when they got they deal there trying to grow as a main stream broadcast service to compete with twitch & YouTube


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