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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Last comment bro bro … No bias ish , three points to prove my " theory " . The people said this , well who said they opinions matter , well who pays the people that pays you …. Geechi beat cal because cal knotted you ? Mook beat reed because you will rather face Mook than reed , and Jon Jon beat surf …. Atlanta wouldn't have nothing to do with this decision would it , last point , I'm not a hater , I'm the realist in the game. Big man , your argument contradict itself Everytime you speak , don't speak bro bro , just breath , inhale and exhale for us , that's more amazing and astronomical for a black sumo wrestler , facing health conditions, that's chosen to battle rap because, well , you are who you are…. That false reality that maintains a reason for , well what's fina happen next …. Lol Bro TTop I know you go read this and I know even you go find this funny… You took a punch worse than , bro I got to say this , Young Dose and 69 the rodent took a better a word whooping than you and it shows , drastically. I'm gone , for real this time lmao I'm just saying tho.

  2. Cruising in throughout Toronto thinking about Dej Rosegold. Nobody know woah look at me so incredible. Gals want me all lined up in a row. Drizzle my name's buzzing now international. Rivals it's a no go for sho'.

  3. Stupid rich like M Jackson on the phone with Timmy Maxson. I'm a bully Action Jackson. Couple nice cars and a foreign mansion. I'm a monster scarier than Charles Manson.


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