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That’s right, in today’s Thanksgivng special video we are taking delivery of a brand new Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and the cops run up on us and try …


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  1. Really cool to feature your son in these videos Sir. He seems very happy to be with you, that's amazing. Nice home you're building there, I enjoyed viewing the project before it's done. Can you use your connections to get my C8 Zed 06 delivered to my private residence quickly?

  2. Congratulations to you and your friend Art, on making your dreams come true. Will you are teaching us a lot about the real estate market and how to be able to afford our dream cars. Thank you so much, and keep putting out the videos.

  3. Whats up Will i notice from the other house and this one u like dark cabinets,i recently did my kitchen and put up dark cabinets as well.Are those black or a dark wood?And is the darker cabinets a preference for u over light cabinets?

  4. Really , I Lov the car but , why to get this car ? All this expensive car don’t last long is only for viewers to get exited, bc u hit a bird n is over for the car ! All my friends hav this cars n they always n the mechanics, wonder why !

  5. I have a son who is autistic as well who is 5yrs old. One of my fears is that one day he may come in contact with the police because you can't tell by looking at him he is autistic. I would love to see you make a video on how you address this with him.
    I am a real estate agent and I be taking my son with me on listings I have. Big ups to you involving him on the wealth building. Black Fatherhood All Day!!

  6. Brother Will, I’ve been watching you for about a year now. I’ve taken notes and I must say that you are genuinely open and honest. I ,too, have an autistic son, so I can relate. The entrepreneurial spirit is fire. Keep it up!!!

  7. Very cool of you to help your friend get his Lambo earlier than expected. Neighbor would called the cops probably was a Karen or Darren wish people just mind their own business

  8. I like the videos when your son is in it most people would not put him in it i like the real life videos God bless you and your son your a really good dad keep up the good work and thanks for your videos they help me get though my days

  9. Congrats on the new ride but to be honest I seen so many Lambo's on your channel to me SVJ just looks like any other lambo's you gotten in the past but just
    with a different badge, Lamborghini needs to change it up that style is really getting dated

  10. Congrats to your friend Art on his beautiful new SV Roadster! That was very cool of you to surprise him like that with your connections at Gold Coast. Art was definitely surprised. He had plans for the evening, but little did he know you had better plans for him! Lol! That's gonna be me one of these days. I will have an Aventador in the future! Project T-Rex is coming along great! You really don't fok around Will. You just closed on the house and you're movin' right along with a quickness! I think that modern industrial look for the basement ceiling will look great. Thanks also for the tip on opening the boxes for the hardwood floor planks. I had no idea about that. As always, great vid Will! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you and your family…..and also to all of the Motivation Nation!

  11. Ones in a lifetime moments cannot be taken away! Wow! you are such an inspiration and you truly partake in other peoples joy! what a beautiful soul and nature you have. Thank you for the amazing example that you show to our up coming generation. I agree with you'll, hard work does pay off. I am also working towards my Lambo. I love this car.

  12. Was that an iRobot that I saw in your office? "Project TRX" is still coming along very nicely. It looks like this is going to be the nicest and the best house that you've built or renovated yet! Also, can't wait to see the TRX when you get it. I've heard many great things about it. You're right about the basement, based on everything that you want to do down there it is going to nice, real nice.
    His Lambo is dope. I think you like it as much as he does. Furthermore, you looked like you enjoyed the ride as much as he did.
    Those cops and his neighbors were obviously sippin' on a gallon jug of "Haterade"! lol


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