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TAY ROC RECAPS HIS BATTLE VS DAYLYT NOME X "IT'S DRACULA BAG TONIGHT" Tay after his NOME X Battle vs Daylyt URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF …


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Comment (32)

  1. Huge Day fan and I knew it was about to be legendary bars but Roc Held his ground and delivered his own top tier bars and angles, very impressive. Battle of the Gods.

  2. Ok…so Tay Roc gets more respect from me than i had before. Even if a great battle rapper loses…it makes you wanna see them again (TSU SURF TAKE NOTES)

  3. Y'all heard that priceless jewel that the GOD Hollow told Tay? They gonna "love you and hate you again…but they still gonna watch". That's motivation right there…rewind it…love it

  4. DAY RD1. 51
    TAY RD1. 57
    DAY RD2. 62
    TAY RD2. 45
    DAY RD3. 52
    TAY RD3. 39
    DAYLYT 165 (W) TAY ROC 141 (L)

    Classic – Highest Scored URL Ever – This is now Battle of All Time
    Best Daylyt Ever -Best Tay Roc Ever – Could be debated by preference – Won’t be

  5. Swamp gotta see Geechi and and few more niggas b4 he see Roc. Swamp got the potential but he aint there yet. He gone be a problem tho

  6. Yo that battle was epic! Who here thought surf had any chance against lux? Lol if you thought so you the type to fantasize bout surf on live like a goofy lol


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