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  1. QP done battled a bunch of dudes already he been stamped, maybe not on URL…but he's already battled all the top pens already + a bunch of other vets, Danny, JC, Chilla, Daylyt to name a few. If Roc wants that smoke let him, if QP takes it serious we could get a classic.

  2. After rewatch, I feel like Roc definitely gave Caution some help, especially in her 2nd round, but she didnt remember it because I think it was new material, now Yoshi sounded like QP most of her performance, she was rappin like bro better than him to an extent….Roc vs QP would be like a rematch almost

  3. I dont like this one mann, yall should let the people decide…Tay Roc might wanna battle this nigga to bring Conceited out hell, its alot of narratives yall missing unspoken history as far as style wit gunbars, Tayroc a gunbar king and none of his gun bars are as good as any of the Sons niggaz, and u cant say Tay Roc more believable cuz da nigga hide n fights n shit..Im wit this battle fuk all dat..still fuk wit yall heavy tho this not it..

  4. This wasn't the greatest take regarding the comparisons

    Going back to front:
    Official used to be accused of having a ghostwriter when she was in her old New Orleans clique (forgot the name of her crew). It is evident she doesn't but it's incorrect she wasn't accused.

    There was some posts (since deleted) regarding Bonnie and innuendo about being helped for a battle; I think Germ something. So it's not out of the ordinary for the community to think these things go on.

    Outside of the bad comparisons, I agree Yoshi G should get her flowers for her (own) writtens.


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