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  1. I'm disappointed in Avo for sure, but this was 6 years ago. Damn near every last one of us has laughed at something racist or deemed a "dark" joke. With everything he's done for the culture since then, he was deemed one of the "goats" of the culture. Now he's viewed as a piece of shit for an old incident. Which was not cool by no measure. He has a lot to prove to the culture, but let's not be hypocrites and slam him so hard.

  2. All I want to know is why the element of time and growth really has been looked at. What happened there is fucking bad looking and Avo should have checked 24/7. But what we really should be looking at are what the people who know Avo and know him well recently to speak on it. Because 6 years is a long time for someone to change as a person and things that people thought were fine to say as jokes can be shown that those jokes are really hurtful or that it's not 'just a joke'. Let's not forget, battle rap is inundated with demeaning and degrading your opponent. The usage of stereotypes and pushing limits has been used throughout it's existence. Does this mean Dizaster needs to be done for saying "Nigga" now? Does Tay Roc have to go for his words against transsexuals/transgendered?

    Avo needed to apologize and Anwar makes a point about calling 24/7 a good friend that should be clarified. But to get him out of here for that? Where is the standard of what you can and can't laugh at or even who you can or can not insult based on race? Is Bill Collector referencing Dumbfoundead as "Chinky Eyed" in a bar or Clips saying "The only time I seen an Arab stop someone from blowing up" also as offensive? I feel like it's alright to be disappointed in what Avo did but to hold a reaction to the standard of today with the consequences as if he just did it is to much.

  3. What else what Avo say at this point? Cmon now don’t be naive! It’s not like he said hey guys years ago this happened…… he was exposed and now he’s sorry? FOH he just had 24/7 on the show last year! Nah I’m good

  4. Avo’s apology wasn’t brought on by a catalyst of change. It was an exposition. People act like the current state of racial turbulence prompted Avo to come out and admit his past racist thoughts. Shit was not contrite. Because if that was the case, and he couldn’t live with the thought of harboring that ideology any longer; condemning his racist upbringing and viewpoints would’ve been apart of his road to recovery/redemption from the start. It would’ve been to better himself in lieu of all of these social injustices since he earns his living in a black culture. HOWEVER, he released that disingenuous apology as an attempt to protect his livelihood and salvage his image, not because he truly felt sorry for what he did and felt the need to be transparent and grow as an individual. Spare me apologist the rhetoric white people.

  5. @jayblac1615 I would love to see you address relevant topics outside of battle rap.

    Side Note: Not making excuses for @ruinyourday but none of us are the same person we were 6 years ago.

  6. I have a problem with his comments as well cuz once 24/7 said they dont have time for their kids and its because their race Avo did say and they too busy writing Disney bars and then add verb to it.. Like he agreed and laughed but never said sorry for his comments. Bdot has 2 vids up saying that he not sitting down with them.

  7. Why Are You Trying To Convince Yourselves That He's Not A Racist "HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS A F%#!ING RACIST"!!!!!!!! "Y'all Know 24/7 Is" 2 B%#*!A%# WhiteBoys That Have To Leave The Culture ASAP!!!!

  8. In battle rap, anti-white racist bars is cool lol. If conscious brothas like B Dot castrates white battlers for being white, why allow white People to rap in the first place? Eminem, a white artist, makes tons of money off of a black art form. A closeted racist like Avo is canceled from filming a black art form. All white rappers and affiliates should be canceled from hip hop, a black art form. The CEO of Caffeine is white but they’re making millions off of URL. URL won’t cut ties tho, the bag is too nice. In the end, Green is the only color that matters.

  9. I just want to re-iterate here; Avocado had a SERIOUS alcohol problem. Like to the point where he would start talking crazy and pass out in front of the live camera during Watches by himself. I don't think the guy in that video is the Avocado we know and have supported. To be honest, he was kind of an asshole back then. He was going through a LOT of issues back then and had a demanding career on top of it. He's changed, and has attempted to make ammends for what happened. I think he even said he had forgotten about that time. Avocado deserves forgiveness for past mistakes, based on how much he's done for the culture, for homeless people, and for himself.

  10. Gotta be honest Blac I wasn’t expecting you to speak about this. When things get nasty in the culture you usually just keep it pushing and keep it battle rap. I’m glad u guys did speak on this. And yes, WHERE TF IS 24/7?!?!?

  11. “Certain people has said different things, I guess that’s ok now too, y’all overlooked that”-jayblac

    I remember mike p saying nigga and getting snuffed for it in a battle and he’s still accepted. Just saying


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