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The Rings: David I

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  1. The Establishment is slowly crumbling, the World can see the American election is a shambles, wonder how the Rothschild's, Sorros et al are feeling right now. More people are becoming woke, Shit is getting real.

  2. Madeline was probably an easy pick. Both parents well educated and high up in the medical profession, she ticked all the boxes. Wouldn't surprise me if high end people were notified, especially if the wrong people knew the parents liked to leave the kids alone to indulge in a bit of swinging.

  3. The energy and vitality is in the children’s blood ….get an old person….take some blood out ….and replace with child blood….the old person gets healthy and energetic….. and it also creates sexual arousal

  4. Another point, about the book, because she (Diana) was involved with me. Savile, who would never stoop to clean his own shitter and made the rounds at the public hospital, corruptor of all things. She liked the idea of being a hotwife.

  5. David may know a lot of How the ILITE is doing….but when it comes to the "universe" oboy he still believe in the "free" masonic narrative…but most people are afraid of this truth

  6. Madeline was special. Something was genetically changed in her. Her pupil in one of her eyes was different. It is called a "keyhole" pupil. What is the "key" they used to destroy her?

  7. In Toronto in POLICE OFFICERS IN TORONTO the WOMAN police are being sexually abused for years not only in TORONTO it has been going on for years in all of police forces..If been opened up truth been known.

  8. To corroborate what Mr Icke says about the Babylonian religion, look for Alexander Hislop's book "The Two Babylons", published in the 1850s. It is available on line sans illustrations. The book is well illustrated with old woodcuts and line drawings and is a fairly heavy read but worth it. Some libraries may still have a dust-encrusted copy.


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