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The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen 2020 – German Version – Deutsche Version

3rd verse in German. for full release details, Being isolated to our respective domains (Josh in France, Charlotte in …


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  1. Guys, you are cool. So Rock & Roll. And how you are dedicated to building a community makes you extra special. And recording these versions is a really great idea.
    Suffering from hyperacusis since a noise trauma (spinning records at clubs…) 11 years ago, I cannot attend plugged in concerts anymore. I love that you release so many acoustic versions. And if you ever do an acoustic gig again anywhere I can make it to (best Berlin or Hamburg, or well, even Gothenburg), I surely will be there. That acoustic gig at the Ramones museum in 2011 I missed, unfortunately.
    Stay safe & rock on.
    Hälsningar från Göteborg (from a German living there)


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