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The Truth about Ah Di Boom and ARP


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  1. When we talk about a body – unless you made your opponent lose battles or get sat down for a period of time, it's not a true body.
    Shout out to Bigg K

  2. He didn’t make him retired.. he got him fired and disown but his peers.. good lucks to him…. stop getting into shit you can’t handle when shit hits the roof..

  3. Smh sad shit but let's all pull up the rap sheet n documents of these other battle rappers!!!!! I'm sure we got more snitches, rapists, elder abusers, sodomizers child predators in the culture as well!!!!!! LETS EXPOSE THEM ALL

  4. Showoff gotta feel a certain type of way. I think the best move for Ahdi is to write a book. Audiobook that shit in his words. BIg K didn’t do shit. He was fortunate to get the haps first.


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