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  1. How yall gonna tell that man how he feel? If he feel like the man ain't loss a battle or round in 3 years, then that's how he feel.. it's still opinionated, even though it's gone commercial…lol

  2. I think brizz would be his toughest match up.. those guys are identical.. they are mirror images of each other.. brizz spits more gruesome, shine spits more street, but everything is damn near identical

  3. I cringe every time Battle Truth says Shine hasnt lost a round in 3 years. You realize if that was true that would make him the best battle rapper of all time? fuck outta HERE! HERE! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! BANG THE GAVEL ON YA DAMN SELF! DONT WORRY, THE COMMENT SECTION WILL DO IT FOR YOU…

    edit: also shine been biting off twork for the last couple years yet tryna school him. lol

  4. BT…you have brought me many laughs since 2016 especially every time you say Shine went undefeated for three years….lmao….even your voice get extra phlegmy whenever you say it. it is all love pimpin'
    To pick one it would be Daylyt they're both in my top ten….it should be a crazy one!


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