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This WILL RUIN your DAY! #Shorts

The BEST WAY to find CLEAN WATER and CATCH POMPANO or This will RUIN YOUR DAY!…Surf Fishing Shorts #Shorts.


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  1. I’m glad you can use FaceBook. Living w hours inland there are no groups that would help me at all. I’ve thought about FaceBook marketplace to work on my vintage surf reel collection but even that doesn’t work for me where I live. Also, I basically despise FaceBook for a multitude of reasons having nothing to do with fishing. I will never use it again. As a minister somehow my friends list was hacked and I was getting messages and posts from beloved church members who had passed away several years ago. Even their widows were getting these messages and posts. FaceBook made zero efforts to help stop this. Put that together with the many lying -political posts they refused to take down and you see why I will have nothing to do with them. It used to be a great way to keep up with former church friends but the cost eventually outweighed the benefits. I basically have no respect for Zukerman.


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