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Trading Psychology – How these 5 Trading Habits can ruin your Trading Career? Day Trading Strategies

Trading Psychology in Trading and How these 5 Trading Habits can affect your chances of making money in stock market and forex as a Day Trader Swing …


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  1. Love your videos big fan, would this be interesting enough for you to have fun with? Stock price prediction using python and machine learning? There are youtube examples. Anyways, I think its interesting and would be fun to learn thanks keep it up!

  2. I think that being patient is what helped me the most. Since my account was small when i started trading, i focused myself on buying the dips. Whenever is see a strong bullish trend, i sit back and wait because eventually the price will fall off a bit and when that happend, then i will buy. I was able to double my account size in 4 months that way. Patience is the key guys.

  3. The problem is, people expect quick returns because they are not conditioned for patience…

    All those "social" medias are designed to get your attention, get you addicted for the shortterm adrenalin rush.

    Therefor if they see the market prices move up or down, numbers changing, they think of it like a game. Just like candy crush.

    People, wake up! Games are designed so that you have the posibility to win, the market is designed to screw over exactly those people.

    And if you ask a YT simple questions like "where to invest" or "how to invest", you should probably just quit it all together…

  4. Hey Trading Rush, would appreciate your thoughts on this "90% of traders lose money" statistic. What do you think contributes to it and is it even true?

  5. Great point, I did get uncomfortable after placing a trade, this leads me to have a bigger loss and a smaller profit. Need an elaborate video on "Money Management" .Thank you, Trading Rush.


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