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  1. People love saying lux aint this and lux ain't that..lux was lackluster or lux was not good until you have to stand in front of that man.. until you have to feel that aura and that presence and that energy.. lux was in cruise control against one of the most popular battle rappers in the game..won with ease and finesse…didn't need all the rah rah and yelling and screaming and theatrics.. just got through his material and was cut off every round.. it's always some hate on lux after he battles.. just give the man his props

  2. Caps smoking Reggie Lux material against Charlie Clips was way better than his material against TSU Surf Lux was underwhelming sorry he was still good but it was one of his worst performances compare to his other battles and Lux stumbled a little in this battle

  3. What’s sad is that Surf was killing in the second. If he could have got the bars off this could have been a completely different conversation. I wanted to hear Caps say “What we doing wit Lux?”


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