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Tsu Surf x Knowledge the God talks Nome x,Anwar

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  1. Surf Royce raps better than you sorry musically you’re not on that level and if jay z can look at billboard like it’s nothing please never bring up itune charts because you look and sound stupid

  2. Why didn't knowledge save that anwar shit for Expert Opinion. But Also You are a blogger, why are you hanging out with the battle rappers. Unprofessional and Its a Conflict of Interest.

  3. If you say you make better music than Lux, that's definitely up for debate. Surf makes great music, but when it comes to RAPPING, Lux is on another level. To say otherwise is blasphemous. I don't think Lux is just a great battle rapper. I think Lux is one of the greatest rappers/writers to ever do it period. Surf pointed out his freestyle on bars 95, and that shit is a phenomenal freestyle, but it's the pain and real life shit he's spittin that makes you feel it, whereas Lux Flex Freestyle is him just displaying straight raw bar work that makes you make the ugly face when you hear it. A level I've never seen Surf reach.


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