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  1. T-Top…. Terrell…. Fam…
    Cmon man. Gym…. Diet. You gettin too big out here man. Breath control during the battle was rugged. Get it together bro.

  2. This was a travesty. These new fans an this “fan vote” are fuckin up the culture. Two choked with a win? This where we at with battle rap? This cool to y’all. Aight I’m going back to youtube battles

  3. Truth is Swamp F**d up but his shit was STILL better than tops shit bro…

    Swamp show levels too.. stumbled , choked .. cuz ain’t stop … finished the battle… and still manage with win the fan vote that NOBODY had a problem with the battle before… expect when the panel comes out talking STUPID they have to keep that “narrative” .. (I hate that word now that is to battle rappers ) .. I’m over it..

  4. They had the worst battle of the night. Swamp choked in the first 2 and had no substance in the 3rd. Top wasnt talking about shit & mostly joking damn near lol have definitely heard better from him

  5. We have to find the difference between a choke and a stumble.battle rappers are funny though.if it's them doing it then it's a stumble.if someone doing it,then the person choked


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