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Twork Beg The URL 4??? Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. Hold up truth. You make blogs about surf saying how he's choking. And only coming with two sub-par rounds blah blah blah. But surf supposedly is top tier. But you make a case for surf in this blog. Saying sometimes coming with only two rounds and jeresying out is good enough? Nah I can't agree. Guys who are at the top of their professions never have that mentality. MJ never stepped on the court thinking, "15pts and 3 assists should be good enough for us to win." Actors/ actresses, singers, Industry Rappers. I highly doubt Dr. Dre went into a studio session thinking, "If I come up with a semi decient drum beat. That should be good enough." And I know it's caffeine and ticket sellers. If it's all about ticket sellers. Then just have the top ticket sellers just keep battling each other over and over and over and over again. Because they don't need Chilla, Cortez, JC, yk, Chef Trez etc. URL can keep booking Choking Twork, Chess, Roc, Surf, Geechi, Rum, T-top, K-shine etc. If I'm paying $ for the app or any other battle rap event. A battler stepping on stage not prepared is bullshit. Twork gets another battle has a good or decient performance. So all is forgiven? Because I gurantee he'll go right back to doing what he was doing. Preparing at the last minute and choking in battles.

  2. Nah what happened to twerk is he got used hearing that he was dat dude so all that hype started going to his head that's why he wants to do a free battle cuz !!


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