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U Look Every Bit Of Being A Broke N!@@ Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. I hear what you sayin but you are a being hypocritical. How about you take off that shower cap for once and let your scalp breathe? That shower cap is not apart of the look because you wear it with Jerseys and fitted caps.

  2. We went from choking from 9 minutes Jersey out of rounds rescheduling battle because we don't have nothing now we got a f**** dress code I'm not worried about what they're wearing I'm worried about what they're saying and doesn't make sense

  3. Rappers, Fashion & Ent. aren't exactly a great mix imo, Our brothers get emasculated more times than not. A strong brand can be built on who you are. Daylyt comes to mind.
    Edit: I do agree on hygiene and grooming obviously but materialism is different. Entertainment or not, I don't believe it's a big factor.

  4. I agree especially the more I start seeing the battlers blog they really be bummie and sitting in old ass cars or dirty homes all day the element of mystic is gone

  5. That one thing I commend Goodz on he always fly and cool when the camera rolling.He’s always confident and it makes other battlers uncomfortable and unconfident around him.


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