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  1. Honestly, I’m trying my best to like sheed….I’ve went back to some of his previous battles, just to get more acquainted with his style….but right now, it’s not for me…but I will keep an open mind n give it another try

  2. i believe when you talk bad about someone publicly you should also aknowledge them when they do well. that being said
    i had a lot to say about ace choking and not takin shit serious., and you have been doing great. good energy. and i see you work on issues you may have. so i apologize and am looking forward to you getting better and getting bigger plates

  3. Yall do not know what you want so stop complaining. So let Champion please decide it for you. Ace is the dopest Champion analist to be honest. He might debatable be a better analist than battler. If Ace is on Champion I click automatically before I will watch him battle.

  4. If Sheed continue on this path of exciting the fans and probably soon to be a fan favorite, and Brizz comeback. It won’t be a battle with more replay value if they both on they A+ game.

  5. Why y’all N words steady hating on ace dang which one of y’all girls did he sleep with? He’s great on the show and him and blac have crazy chemistry (pause)


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