#UltimateMadness | @brooklynhanz WON | THE MADNESS IS On @caffeine @ urltv.us/tv…

#UltimateMadness | @brooklynhanz WON | THE MADNESS IS On @caffeine @ urltv.us/tv | #Caffeinetv – RIGHT NOW – tune in to caf.tv/URLTV #youcantcopyrespect


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  1. Dope ass battle !! Could go either way , but we didn’t have the time to vote !!! You should fix that for real!! Btw I had Hanz winning

  2. Where did the fans vote cause jay said it’s going to the fans vote and 3 seconds later he said the votes are in… I’m calling BS on this one. I respect you smack but let’s be real the fans did not vote just tell us the truth and what’s really up.


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