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URL has final life line for TWORK / RBE done with AH DI BOOM/ KNOWLEDGE under fire

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  1. The culture gotta send a message to Twork man…. you can’t keep eatin off lazy lackluster performances. The fans don’t deserve that. All that talent and got a shitty work ethic smh. Shine getcha manz, he ain’t reppin NWX well smh

  2. You sound like a nigga hating outside the club. Real bloggers don't do it for the views, they do it for the culture. All these views and you still on the sideline. Maybe uncle smack will put you in the the game one day if you throw a big enough fit lol.

  3. Didn’t watch the battle because the stream was too choppy and the battles were taking way too long to start. But I did watch the face off and Twork said something like Swamp can’t beat him at 40% so that he wasn’t at 100% argument ain’t valid.

  4. Get knowledge out of there and then even yesterday the host was bullshitting on swamp. He was talking about Twork while interviewing swamp then acted like the live was messing up. They are SO BIAS and it’s corny.. That TierGas is done. 40 cals was crazy too. But scottys was fire too..but head Ice is still up there with swave

  5. The brooklyn handz battle was more debatable than the twork battle. I dont think he needs to apologize for that battle. I even think brooklyn hanz is winnin on the app


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