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Verb When It Rain It Pours Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. Verb not beating Geechi for 2 reasons:
    1. Geechi coming off a loss to Chilla
    2. DNA further exposed Verb!
    Don't think Geechi wasn't paying attention.

  2. It’s amazing how he always starts off like “I know everyone says I’m hating cause I don’t like/her” just to completely disregard the fact that he doesn’t like the person he’s about to talk about. Hate is hate it’s no justifying it.

  3. Y'all keep giving Geechi all these props.

    I respect his pen and the fact that he shows up every battle.

    But let's be real here and scrutinize him. He's battled a LOT of vets. But how many did he actually BEAT?

    General consensus is that he LOST to Surf, Shine, John John, Roc, Arsenal, JC, etc. I mean, he's BATTLING these cats, but he's not beating them.

    So thinking he's just going to wash Verb who's ARGUABLY beat everyone on that list but Shine, Roc, and JC is comical.

  4. I want this SAME energy if he beats Gotti with three full rounds and no chokes.

    Dude took four KILLERS in 29 days…THREE round battles.

    But he can't write for Geechi in a month? Stop it

  5. "saying you a god is satanic. Maybe they don't understand"

    Says the man who CLEARLY doesn't know what the word "god" means.

    It's a "very powerful being OR PERSON!"

    So explain to us again how he's wrong if he feels that way.

  6. Might be because verb is older. He is more grown than the people that were around at first. He was a father figure or big brother to the other battle rappers around. As they grew up they seek out their own crews and networks. Being an older person you know the young pups you raise have to grow up and be theeir own man. And as you get older you stop being willing to baby grown people. You end up on your own island because you don't deal with certain stuff anymore.


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