Wall dropbacks in my new @bodycompleterx activewear – Dropping back into a whee…

Wall dropbacks in my new @bodycompleterx activewear 😍😍

Dropping back into a wheel can be scary…using the wall can help overcome that fear. I generally advise that only people who have a strong wheel try adding drop backs to their practice.
You wanna make sure that foundation is stable before you add on. If you’re still feeling iffy about going all the way down using the wall, try just pressing your hands into the wall and breathing there to get used to the feeling before walking your way down.
Take your time and not rush your practice. It’ll come in time with practice and patience 💕

Key points:
– warm up before you work backbends; open up your shoulders and stretch your hamstrings, quads and wrists
– feet point forward in a hip width distance stance
– head comes up last
– Lift up to extend the spine then make your descent as you push the hips forward

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  1. Does yoga help people with pain and body muscles and does the breathing techniques help you also

  2. @bahayogi I really love your activewear set. It looks like a high waist on you. Which is perfect. The site shows it as a regular waist. I want to get it but only if it will fit high like yours. Any suggestions?


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