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Join Now!!! #GetDumbSmart Join me as I go over my thoughts and dumb advice on Queen of the rings, Watch The Throne …


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  1. I would had set it off, but these rappers don't want war!
    So I'm chilling laying up, with Drake's favorite drink in my cup!
    I look way better in a suit, especially if it's grey with a tad of blue!
    Omg I love to shoot, rings around rappers hulahoop!

  2. Fit how can you be mad at Luck when you threw money at Phara. It's the same type defense to throw your opponent off. Not mad or nothing just saying.

  3. I feel like 40 keeps choking, because she has a delusional fanbase that never calls her out for it. To them it is always someone else fault. It is sad, because she continues to choke during her big opportunities ( QOTR biggest card NHB, URL stage for summer impact, and Caffeine). If she used those opportunities wisely she would of had a permanent spot on URL years ago.

  4. Misfit you are hilarious. I sometimes dress gay, but I am straight. I think Hart and Flames dress that way, because they are skinny. If you are thin like that it is hard to find clothes that fit since there is no curves to fill the clothes out.


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