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  1. Just advice! Grab another cam and integrate it as a main cam that can see all three of you at the same time, it will make the vibe feel not so confined. Plus it will show off the set. Maybe a 16-35mm lens. The LEDs are dope, but the cast they have is a little much. Sometimes it was so green that it looked like y'all were on a green screen. Fire content though! Been rocking for a few years now.

  2. JC had more haymakers and that's why he won the 2nd and 3rd. In the third he rebuttaled Preps Brandon bar when he said you want to talk about Brandon you been trailblazing a career that you don't have the legs for. Zip em up

  3. Prep was good but the gas at the battles are annoying. Cats react to shit to "let the know they get the bars" but the bars are not over heads. All that ⛽ in the battles actually fuck up the battles. I havent been to an event in years cuz all the extra reactions make the events 10 hours long.

  4. Let’s stop acting like winning in the building isn’t a thing… it’s a part of battle rap! That’s the aim, it’s not to win on camera!!

    JC has more fans, anything close or debatable he is going to get!! An specially the narrative of him losing 3zip, niggas gonna lean to JC.

    JC is a top tier underdog. He’s the little guy always getting bullied by the community so now he’s loved.

    JC was cold as usual but he lost. Yes there was gas. That’s what happens when one person has more boys at that battle. Why not go back on to EVERY BATTLE for eg hollow and verb, And just
    Go off the bars and cut it to 2 mins so not all of verbs third counts. Swear people make their own rules.

    When Jc had super gas against nitty, Nobody complained


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