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What are you gonna do Smack White??


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  1. The best thing smack can do is punish repeat offenders. 1st choke in a year is a pass, if they choke the FOLLOWING battle they get the upfront deposit, but the backend is divided by 3 for the 3 rounds they are contracted for and it continues for that year. Then 3 chokes in a year you sit down for 6 months. 2 more chokes after that they sit down another 6 months. The kicker tho, any money taken from the chokes goes into a pot and divided in two. Half for the battle of the night and the other half goes to the performance of the night. It’s perfect, it lets people get one choke off cause niggas is human, and yet it still penalizes the repeat chokers but also incentivizes Battle of the night and performance of the night and depending on who chokes, a Surf or a verb or a Lux or anyone top tier the people who performed well gone get a nice bag cause they get they own price plus those rounds might 3-5k a piece from multiple people. Somebody could get battle of the night and performance of the night and walk away with a extra 10k .

  2. Multiple chokes in a year:

    1st choke – 1-3 month suspension based on how my rounds you choked in (Not booked for any URL events, excluding tournaments)

    2nd choke- 6-9 months suspension based on how many rounds you choked in (Not booked for any URL events or tournament. Along with a written agreement stating if your choke anymore you will be suspended for 1 year. Along with a non negotiable pay cut by 50% or more)

    3rd Choke- 1 year (no booking, tournaments or any URL events. The next time the battler can come back is 1year to the day if this choke or the closest event after this choke )

  3. No it’s smacks own fault he doesnt push certified battlers that’s give 100% like Danny Myers instead he shoves twork chess and jack boy Maine down our throats

  4. Smack not paying them top dollar lmao . He getting hundreds of thousands through sponsors and promotions and paying them the least amount and they get no residuals or royalties for their intellectual property

  5. What "live" performer is expected to be completely flawless ? This ain't the olympics. Shit, even in the olympics, there's 2nd and 3rd place.
    A slip-up is just a slip-up, guess they should just lose points / the battle – but it's a big reach to think you're going to not pay somebody because they didn't have a flawless performance. I'm not even sure if that shit would be legal. Sounds like slavery. I could see it going down in court:

    Judge: "Well Mr. (Smack) White, did you give him a chance to run it back ?"
    Smack: "C'mon your honor, it's for the culture… the fans pay to see a show kn'ahmean…. smrmrmrmrmrmr…."
    Judge: "Judgement for the plaintiff."
    Beasely: "But your honor, we're the MOST RESPECTED ?"
    Judge: "Oh really ? Make that double the bag, plus court costs – bring in the next case."

  6. Don’t not pay the battlers it’s still a business. What you do is take a cut from their pay a good amount of it. They’ll prepare more.


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