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Kee Kee Hardbody Accused Math Hoffa Of Some Serious Allegations And Then Disappeared LISTEN: LOTTAZAY – TRAVEL For …


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  1. Yo! I'm not even on this topic of discussion, but kee kee look like a combo between Damian Lillard and Antonio McDyess if they were to have a baby.

  2. Math Hoffa didn’t rape that female. She’s been exposed for using a old picture from a car crash saying she took the rape kit in the hospital. Plus she still hasn’t showed 1 drop of proof & she don’t even have a police report. Another female who’s angry & looking to destroy a man’s life for her selfishness. #LostFemale

  3. She might have just let math fucc.. he was lookin to get hi shyt off… she thought she was going to be in a relationship… he told her something different.. she got mad.. oh “he raped me”.. OR.. they were both drunk but knew what they were doing.. she regretted it after she sobered up.. oh “he raped me”.

  4. Math Hoffa claims to be 25y/o in 2020 we all know thats a lie. That would make him 7 years younger than me but I remember watching rap war one back when I was in the 7th grade. Math Hoffa is not trustworthy.


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