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Why I Put This Car Off For So Long // Day In My Life Vlog

I need your input on building the engine on the TT, no point in just “fixing” this thing, why not do forged internals and an upgraded turbo! Also, this is a vlog, they …


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Comment (37)

  1. I have an 02 tt 225 I run a gen 1 haldex with the hpa haldex performance controller and it's awesome imo. I say subtle upgrade on the turbo. 500hp/trq it comes alive and can be balanced nicely. Imo I like it at around 425-475 on trq. All imo. But I've missed the tater tot.

  2. I like these types of videos thrown in there with the build vids. It's great to get some insight into the life of Sarah outside of the builds.

  3. We’re entertained by all aspects of your life! Of course we love the wrenching and detailing and reviews, but seeing different aspects of you is just as cool too!

  4. Always feel free to do what you want ! Some might not like this kind of videos but I personally do. It shows a bit of “behind the scene” which is interesting too, you are not only a work alcoholic in a garage ^^


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